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SP-100C Double Channel Syringe Pump

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Introduction:* Colorful TFT screen with keyboard button * Automatic self-identification of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50ml syringes * Compatible with all kinds of syringe brands * 4 injection modes: ml/h Mode, Weight Mode, Volume-Time Mode, Standby Mod...

Double Chanel Syringe Pump

1) Simultaneous injection with two drugs
2) Automatic self-identification of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50/60ml syringes
3) All kinds of syringe brands
4) 5 injection modes: ml/h Mode, Weight Mode, Volume-Time Mode, MTIVA Mode, Intdelivery Mode
5) 25 injection speed units
6) KVO & Bolus function
7) Visible and audible Alarms
8) Real time display
9) Rechargeable Lithium battery can work continuously for over 4.5 hours
10) Autosave previous injection record
11) Import Japan motor to ensure the syringe is more accurate
Applicable Syringe 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml/60ml Injection Volume 0.1~9999.9ml
Syringe Brand Any syringe brand Injection Pressure 3 levels for selection:
(L) 40KPA (M)70KPA (H) 100KPA
Range of Injection rate
0.1~100ml/h, 5ml Syringe Injection Mode  5 modes: ml/h mode, Weight mode, Volume-Time mode, MTIVA mode, Intdelivery mode
0.1~300ml/h, 10ml Syringe Alarm AC power failure, Syringe falls off, Reinstall syringe, Countdown, Air, Occlusion, Low battery, Error, Over, no enough drugs,
beyond Parameters range
0.1~600ml/h, 20ml Syringe  
Operating Condition
Environment Temperature: 5℃~40℃
0.1~800ml/h, 30ml Syringe Relative Humidity: 20%~90%
0.1~1800ml/h, 50ml Syringe Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPa~1060hPa
Bolus rate
50~100ml/h (Default 50ml/h), 5mlSyringe Power AC 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz,
DC 11.1V (+5%, -10%) 5200mAh rechargeable
50~300ml/h (Default 150ml/h), 10mlSyringe Input Power 50VA
50~600ml/h (Default 300ml/h),20ml Syringe Battery Rechargeable battery; Charging time: 12~16h; Discharge time: over 5h( when the battery is full)
50~800ml/h (Default 300ml/h), 30mlSyringe Fuse AC 250V 3.15A
50~1800ml/h (Default 400ml/h), 50mlSyringe Safety Level Class II, Type BF
KVO rate 0.1~5ml/h, adjustable at increment level of 0.1ml/h IP Grade IPX3
Accuracy ±2% Dimension 230mm x 423mm x 195mm
Speed unit (Dose-rate unit) 25kinds of injection-speed units as follows:
ml/h, mg/min, mg/h, mg/24h, mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/24h, ug/min, ug/h, Ug/24h, ug/kg/min, ug/kg/h, ug/kg/24h, U/min, U/h, U/24h,
U/kg/min, U/kg/h, U/kg/24h, kU/min, kU/h, kU/24h, kU/kg/min, kU/kg/h, kU/kg/24h






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