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Introduction:Configurations: Touch + ECG + SPO2 + HKNIBP + Temp + EtCo2 port Optional : 2IBP module, printer, EtCO2 mainstream module ...

Configurations: Touch + ECG + SPO2 + HKNIBP + Temp + EtCo2 port
Optional : 2IBP module, printer, EtCO2 mainstream module

Standard Accessories:

1)1 pc 5 Leads ECG cable with vet clap
2) 1 pc ear clip SPO2 sensor
3) 1 pc NIBP tube
4) 1 set of disposable NIBP cuff size 1 to 5 ;
5) 1 pc rectal temp probe

II.1  Type

Standard anti-shock class       : class I
EMC type:                        class A 
Standard anti-shock level                    
CF level for ECG(RESP): type BF for SpO2,NIBP; TEMP
Anti-entering fluid level:
common seal apparatus, does not have the function to prevent liquid entering
Disinfection / sterilization methods:     
details as per chapter 5
Working method:   Continuous

II.2  Specification

II.2.1  Working condition
TEMP range
        working                 0 ~ 40 °C
           transportation and storage     -20 ~ 60 °C
        working                        ≤85 %
               transportation and storage    ≤93%
        Altitude Range
        working                          -500 - 4,600m(-1,600 - 15,000feet)
               transportation and storage     -500 - 13,100m(-1,600 - 43,000feet)
Electric specification
          100~250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Maximum 70VA
      Fuss: T3.15A of displayer 15”
  II.2.2  Displaying Info  
                            Maximum 6 waveforms
                            One alarm light (yellow/red)
                            One working indictor(green)
                            One battery charging indictor(yellow)
                            Three corresponding sound alarming mode
  II.2.4  Battery
7.4V/2200mAhLi-ion rechargeable battery
Under normal working condition, battery works for 120 minutes
It can works for 5 minutes after the first time power alarm
Maximum 8 hours charging time
  I.2.5  Recorder
                     Paper’s width                        48mm
                     Printing speed                       25 mm/S
                     Scanning waveform                2 channels
              Recording type        8 seconds real time recording
  II.2.6  Recall
Trend recall
                      Short trend                       1 hour, resolution: 1 second or 5 second
                      Long trend                       72hours ,resolution 1 minute、5minute或10minute
                NIBP measurement recall      400 pcs NIBP measured value’s recall

II.3  ECG Specification

II.3.1  Lead configuration
Standard 3 lead or 5 lead cable
3 lead                    RA、LA、LL,lead method:I,II,III
5-lead                   RA、LA、LL、RL、V,lead method:I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF,V
II.3.2  Gain 
II.3.3  Heart Rate
Big animal                           15 ~ 300bpm (beat/min)
Newborn animal /Small animal           15 ~ 350 bpm(beat/min)
Accuracy                                   ±1% or ±1bpm,choose the bigger one
Resolution                                1 bpm(beat/min)
II.3.4  Sensitivity
> 200 µV (peak-peak date )
II.3.5  Impedance
> 5 (Megohm)
II.3.6  Bandwidth
Diagnostic mode           0.05~130Hz
Monitoring mode        0.5~40Hz
Operation mode             1~20Hz
II.3.7  Common-mode rejection ratio
Diagnostic mode           > 90 dB
Monitoring mode       > 100 dB
Operation mode          > 100 dB
II.3.8  Electrode polarization voltage range
II.3.9  Pacemaker pulse detection
It can test the following pace-maker pulse :
Extent :              ±2 mV ~ ±700mV
width:              0.1ms ~ 2ms
Rise time :       10µs~100µs
II.3.10  Pacing pulse suppression
When the pacing analysis switch is on, it can suppress pacing pulse within the following condition and will not affect the calculation of heart rate:
extent:         ±2 mV ~ ±700mV
width:          0.1ms ~ 2ms
Rise time :   10µs ~ 100µs
II.3.11  Recovery time of base line
After Defibrillation< 3 second
II.3.12  Signal’s range
±8 mV (peak value )
II.3.13  Calibration signal
1mV (peak value ),accuracy       ±5%
II.3.14  ST measurement
Range:              -2.5mV ~ +2.5mV
Measurement accuracy:within -0.8 mV~+0.8mV, the tolerance is  ±0.02mVor ±10%
           Without this range, there is no definition

II.4  RESP Specification

II.4.1  Measurement
RA-LL Impedance
II.4.2  Detection range of respiratory impedance
II.4.3  Base resistance range
II.4.4  Bandwidth
II.4.5  RESP Rate
Big animal                                       0~120 BrPM
Small animal and Newborn animal              0~150 BrPM
Resolution                                       1 BrPM
accuracy                                          ±2 BrPM
II.4.6 Suffocation alarm
10~40 seconds

II.5  SpO2

II.5.1  SPO2
Range             0~100%
Resolution     1%
Accuracy       70~100%:±2 DIGIT                   
                           0%~69%: Not defined
II.5.2  pulse rate
measurement range    20~300bpm
Resolution                    1bpm
accuracy                    ±3bpm

II.6  TEMP’s specification

II.6.1  TEMP transducers applied
YSI series, CYF series
II.6.2  Channel’s quantity
2 channels
II.6.3  Measurement
Range           0~50°C
Resolution      0.1°C
Accuracy     ±0.1°C, not include a sensor error

II.7  NIBP specification

II.7.1  Measurement
Pulse wave oscillation
II.7.2  Working mode
II.7.3  Interval of auto measurement
II.7.4  Measurement time of Continuous measurement mode
5 minutes
II.7.5  Pulse rate range
30 ~ 250 bpm
II.7.6  Measuring range and accuracy
Big animal:    
        SYS        40~270mmHg
                         DIA     10~215mmHg
                         MEAN  20~235mmHg
Small animal:
        SYS          40~200mmHg
                         DIA            10~150mmHg
                         MEAN        20~165mmHg
              Newborn animal: 
                SYS           40~135mmHg
                            DIA            10~100mmHg
                            MEAN           20~110mmHg
Static Pressure Range            0~300mmHg
Static Pressure accuracy         ±3mmHg
blood pressure accuracy :            
Maximum average error          ±5mmHg;
Maximum standard deviation    8mmHg
II.7.7  over-pressure protection
Big animal mode                 300 mmHg±10 mmHg
Small animal mode                 240 mmHg±10 mmHg
Newborn animal mode              150 mmHg±10 mmHg

II.8  CO2 specification (optional)

II.8.1  Measurement
Side stream or main stream
II.8.2  Measuring range
 CO2:  0-99
    INS: 0-99

II.9  IBP IBP’s specification (optional)

II.9.1  Channel’s quantity
2 channels
II.9.2  Pressure Name
II.9.3  Pressure measuring range
ART.    0 ~ 300 mmHg
PA          -6 ~ 120 mmHg
CVP    -10 ~ 40 mmHg
RAP       -10 ~ 40 mmHg
LAP        -10 ~ 40 mmHg
ICP        -10 ~ 40 mmHg
P1, P2     -10 ~ 300 mmHg
II.9.4  Accuracy
± 1mmHg or ± 2%, the bigger value (not including sensor error)
II.9.5  Pressure transducer
Sensitivity                    5 mV/V/mmHg
Resistance range            300~3000Ω
II.10 EtCO2 specification:
1) Mainstream EtCO2

Transducer Type Mainstream CO2 Sensor
Principle of Operation Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no
moving parts.
Energy Emitting Device High efficiency IR source
Energy Detecting Device Frequency stable thermopile
CO2 Measurement Range 0% to 20% (0 to 150mmHg)
CO2 Resolution 0.1 mm Hg 0 to 49 mm Hg
0.2 mm Hg 50 to 150 mm Hg
CO2 Accuracy  ±2 mm Hg  @ < 5.0% CO2 (at BTPS)
< 10% of reading @ > 5.0%CO2(at BTPS)
Dimensions 50mm*22mm*36mm
Weight  < 40g
Respiration Rate Range 3 to 150 Breaths Per Minute (BPM)
Respiratory Rate Accuracy 1% of reading ±1 breath
Calibration No routine user calibration required. An airway adapter zero is required
when changing to a different style of airway adapter.
Data Interface Highly configurable serial digital interface (TTL/RS232 Level)
Data Output  CO2 gas concentration (mmHg), End-tidal CO2, Inspired CO2, Respiratory Rate.
Input Voltage 5.0 VDC ±5%
Power Consumption 1000mW
Warmup Time 10 seconds
Response Time 10mS
Operating Temperature 5℃ to 55℃
Temperature Range
 -40℃ to 70℃
Interconnection  Standard Lemo Redel 8-pin plastic
Material PSU
Sensor Plug: PAB.M0.8GL.AC39GZ
Band Relief: GMA.1B.030.DJ
Host Receptacle: PKB.M0.8GL.LJ
1  VA       5.0V
2  SHIELD  SHIELD return
3  DGND   Digital return
4  VSRC    5.0V
5  TxD      Serial data from CAPNOSTAT
6  RxD      Serial data from Host
7  AGND    Analog return
8  SYNC    Waveform synchronization*
Shock Impact  IEC TR 6 0721-4-7 Class 7M3 (designed to withstand environments subject to significant vibrations or high shock levels)
EN6 0068-2-27 Shock
EN60068-2-64 Random vibration
Regulatory  Designed to meet IEC 6 0601-1-2 , EN55011 ?CISPIR 11 Class B (Radiated and Conductive Emissions), IEC 6 1000-4-2 Electrostatic Discharge Immunity, IEC 6 1000-4-3 Radiated Immunity,
Designed to comply with 93/42/EEC (MDD CE Marking), FDA Standards, Minimum Performance and Safety Requirements for Capnometers and ISO21647.
Medical Electrical Equipment performance requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of respiratory gas monitors.
2) Sidestream EtCO2

Transducer Type Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor
Sampling Rate 50 mL/minute ± 10 mL/minute
Principle of Operation Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts in optics
Initialization Time Capnogram displayed in less than 5 seconds at ambient temperature (e.g., 25°C); full specifications within 1 minute
CO2 Measurement
Selectable at
0 ~ 150 mm Hg
0 ~ 19.7%
0 ~ 20 kPa (at 760 mm Hg)
Barometric Pressure supplied automatically by onboard chip
CO2 Resolution 0.1mmHg, at 0 to 49 mm Hg
0.2 mmHg, at 50 to 150 mm Hg
CO2 Accuracy
±2 mm Hg at 0 ~ 40 mm Hg
±5% of reading at 41 ~ 150 mm Hg
± 8% of reading at above 80 BPM
CO2 Stability Drift over 4 hours shall not exceed 1 mm Hg max.
CO2 Noise RMS noise of the sensor shall be less than or equal to 0.25
mm Hg at 5% CO2
Respiratory Rate Range 2 to 150 Breaths Per Minute (BPM)
Respiratory Rate
1% of reading ± 1 breath
Compensations Barometric Pressure 400 mmHg to 800 mmHg can be compensated by module automatically*
Operator selectable O2 / N2O compensation
Calibration No routine user calibration required, but module can be
calibrated by user
Sample line Single patient use sample line and inline drier line which
eliminates water vapor of gas
Nasal Sampling Kits for
Non-intubated Patients
Adult and pediatric nasal CO2 sampling lines
On-Airway Adapter KITS for Intubated Patients Adult and pediatric sampling lines with T-fitting
Sample Kit Hours of Use Nasal Cannula and connecting sampling line up to 12 hours, for
single patient use
T-fitting (on-Airway Adapter) can be disinfected repeatedly
Gas dryer line up to 1 year, do not need to be disinfected
Flow Control Via Delta P measurement across a capillary tube
Scavenging Port Yes
Voltage Requirements 5.0 VDC ± 5%
Power Rating Rated input:
In steady state: less than 0.5 Watts typical
Maximum power: less than 1.1 Watts on Offset Calibration or
sampling line occluded
Interconnection Standard Lemo Redel 8-pin plastic
Temperature and
Operating: 5º to 55ºC, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Storage: -40º to 60ºC, <90% RH, non-condensing
Data Interface RS232, bi-directional, 19200 baud. Standard N-8-1
Data Output CO2 gas concentration (mm Hg), End-tidal CO2, Inspired CO2,
Respiratory Rate, Gas and barometric pressure






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