The latest medtech news as of March 2023

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FDA approves first AI-powered insulin dosing system: In February 2023, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted marketing authorization to Diabnext's Insulia, the first AI-powered insulin dosing system. The system uses data from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and other sources to suggest insulin doses to patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Apple Watch's new features focused on health: In January 2023, Apple released a new version of its Apple Watch, which includes health-focused features such as blood pressure monitoring, ECG measurements, and a fall detection system. The new Apple Watch also has an updated version of the company's Health app that provides more detailed health data and insights.
Philips introduces a new AI-powered CT scanner: In February 2023, Philips unveiled its new Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, the Incisive CT Pro. The scanner uses AI to optimize image quality, reduce radiation exposure, and increase workflow efficiency.
Medtronic launches an implantable insulin pump with smartphone control: In January 2023, Medtronic announced the launch of its MiniMed 780G insulin pump system, which allows patients to control their insulin delivery using a smartphone app. The system also includes a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device and automatic insulin adjustment features.
Wearable ECG monitor receives FDA clearance: In February 2023, the FDA cleared the KardiaMobile 6L, a wearable ECG monitor from AliveCor. The device can detect atrial fibrillation and other heart conditions, and it can also provide patients with personalized insights into their heart health.
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