Connected health firm launches enhanced ECG monitor

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Vivalink, a provider of connected healthcare solutions known for its medical wearable sensor data platform, has launched a newly enhanced temperature and cardiac electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor. 

Adopted by over 100 healthcare application partners and customers in 25 countries, the newly enhanced sensors are part of Vivalink’s vitals data platform which consists of a broad range of medical wearable sensors, edge network technologies, and cloud data services. Built for remote patient monitoring, virtual hospitals and decentralised clinical trials, the sensors are specifically designed for use in remote and ambulatory situations.

The new temperature monitor now has an onboard cache that can store up to 20 hours of continuous data even in the event of network disconnections commonly found in remote and ambulatory environments. The reusable monitor can also last up to 21 days on a single charge, increased from seven days previously. In addition, the temperature monitor has a stronger network signal -- up to two times more than before -- ensuring better connectivity in remote situations.

The enhanced reusable cardiac ECG monitor can last up to 120 hours per charge compared with the previous 72 hours and has an extended data cache of 96 hours - which represents a four-times increase compared to before. In addition, it has a stronger network signal and can transmit data up to eight times faster than previously.

Both the temperature and cardiac ECG monitor are part of a range of wearable sensors that can capture and deliver a variety of physiological parameters and vital signs such as ECG rhythm, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and more.

Jiang Li, CEO of Vivalink, said: “We have seen a tremendous increase in demand for technology solutions for remote patient monitoring and decentralised clinical trials in the last two years. In order to meet the unique data requirements of remote and ambulatory monitoring, Vivalink continually strives to improve data integrity throughout the end-to-end data delivery path from the patient at home to the application in the cloud.”

In the pharmaceutical industry, the need for remote monitoring technologies in decentralised clinical trials has steadily increased since the pandemic. This is due to a combination of patient reluctance to in-person visits, and the pharmaceutical industry’s general desire to accelerate the trial process using remote monitoring.

For the healthcare providers, remote patient monitoring addresses patient concerns regarding in-person visits, and also offers providers an alternative method to stay engaged with patients as well as a sustained revenue stream.

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