Top 5 Medical Devices Every Family Should Have at Home

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Whether you are living in unprecedented times or just want to be prepared for any situation, keeping a fully stocked medical kit at home is essential. 

Your kit should contain all of the essentials, such as bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes and ointment, band-aids, and more. While most people have these tips on hand, they are missing a few important additions that will complete their medical kit. 

Certain medical devices can help you make sure you are healthy and alert you when something is wrong. This is important because you can catch small problems before they turn into serious conditions. 

If you are concerned about your health or just want to make sure you are prepared, here are several medical devices you should keep in your home. 

1. Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the essential medical devices you need in your home is a blood pressure monitor. Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is important because it can spike for a variety of reasons. High blood pressure called “the silent killer” because it carries no symptoms, which is why you should keep a monitor in your home at all times. 

2. Thermometer 

A thermometer is a common at-home medical device you have likely used several times in your life. It tells you your temperature so you can determine if you have a fever that needs treatment. Keeping a thermometer is especially important if you have children in your home. 

3. Respirator

A respirator is a medical-grade mask that covers your nose and mouth. It is tightly sealed against your skin and can contain a custom medical cable that forms to the bridge of your nose. Respirators reduce your risk of inhaling infectious agents or hazardous vapors or gas. 

4. Blood Glucose Meter 

One of the common health gadgets many people have in their homes is a blood glucose meter. This device measures the glucose, or sugar, in your blood to determine if your levels are too high or too low. While anyone can use this device, it is essential for those who have diabetes. 

5. Pulse Oximeter

If you have ever had a hospital stay, you have likely had a small device clipped on your finger. The device measures your oxygen levels to make sure you are breathing correctly and enough oxygen is getting to your blood. You can purchase a pulse oximeter to use at home, something that may be helpful for those struggling with sleep apnea, lung problems, or to check your levels after increased activity.

These Are the Medical Devices You Should Have at Home

By keeping these medical devices in your home, you can have a better handle on your health.

Make sure to have a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, and respirator on hand. You should also have a blood glucose meter and a pulse oximeter. These items are a great addition to the medical kit you need to have in case of emergencies.

Keep these devices in your home to monitor the health of you and your family.

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